Anti Slip Floors and Non Skid Solutions in Oregon

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Anti Slip Tape

Anti slip tape is available in many forms to provide traction on floors in commercial and residential settings. Made with special additives that create a non skid surface, anti slip tape is strong enough to protect heavy-duty applications around many areas vulnerable to human injuries.

Anti Slip Safety Tape Portland, Salem, Eugene Oregon

Anti Slip Safety Tape Portland, Salem, Eugene Oregon

Anti Slip Tape Used on Following Surfaces

  • anti slip tape OregonSidewalk
  • Boat deck
  • Stair treads
  • Shower room
  • Exercise equipment
  • Playground equipment
  • Golf cart
  • Therapy equipment
  • Power lawn machinery
  • Step stool

Essentially, the non skid performance for this type of anti slip tape is due to durable material and a solvent-based coating made with non-chlorinated rubber resin. This tape is safe to use on old and new surfaces. The tough anti-slip characteristics reduce the potential for slippage on slippery floors that can occur in a number of different areas whether indoors or outdoors.

Anti Slip Safety Tape Portland, Salem, Eugene Oregon

Anti Slip Safety Tape Portland, Salem, Eugene Oregon

Other product characteristics include:

  • Resistance to damage caused by cleaning detergents and acids
  • Color variety to apply to stone, steel, concrete or wood
  • Slip resistant to common wet areas such as slippery pool decks or outdoor wheelchair ramps

Before applying anti slip tape, surfaces should not have standing water or soils like grease and oil. Better adhesion is guaranteed when surfaces are smooth and bare. Use of a trowel helps to make application is easy for protection against slippery floors.

Another feature is the flexibility of the tape with irregular surfaces. As a business owner, you do not have to worry about unnecessary downtime; the easy application only takes a few minutes. The tape is compatible to any smooth surface that is free of dirt and oil accumulation. After installation, your floor is protected from hazards caused by dry or wet conditions.

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We use anti slip tape and floor coatings for commercial customers throughout Oregon including local areas of Portland, Salem and Eugene.

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